Preserve earth for your children; Adopt a LemonOak. You can "adopt" a tree starting at 5 euro. All "adoption" donations are used for breeding and planting new trees and for maintenance of the forest.



We grow different types of trees. The main trees we currently breed:

Giant Coast Redwood - Redwood - Sequoia sempervirens

Giant Sequoia - Sequoia - Sequoiadendron giganteum

Douglas Fir - Douglasspar - Pseudotsuga menziesii

English Oak - Zomereik - Quercus robur

European Beech - Beuk - Fagus sylvatica

Sycamore Maple - Gewone Esdoorn - Acer pseudoplatanus 

Sweet Chestnut - Tamme Kastanje - Castanea sativa

European Horse Chestnut - Paardenkastanje - Aesculus hippocastanum